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 From a dedicated love affair...

When we discovered Longboarding, it was like rediscovering an old best friend. And since the very day we grabbed one, we've been making them too.

These Great Ocean Road surf-coast inspired Cruiser Skateboards are made with the highest level of pride possible. They'll create an awe-inspiring reaction not only within you, but from onlookers everywhere. Each one is hand shaped and finished flawlessly, drawing on inspiration from surf culture and the classic lines of old school Longboard Surfboard designs.
You will not find a more passion-driven set of decks. You're welcome...

Skateboard news and a look at how we make skateboards.

Why handmade...? Quality differences (isn't it obvious??). Leigh ('Silverback') tells a story

November 24, 2016

Machine Made vs. Handmade  Hey Plankers.  Thought I might go over something that gets neglected in todays fast paced, on-demand world. Machine-made versus Hand-made. When someone grabs one... Read More

Don't buy an Anchor Plank...

September 23, 2016

Unique characteristics, those minor 'imperfections' that make it perfect. The feel-to-hand that this is almost from another world-not the industrialist machine that this place seems to have become. 

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'Stringers'-WTF? What are they? What has this got to do with SKATEBOARDING???

June 27, 2016

Anchor Plank Skateboard decks have, as part of their signature aesthetic, stringer patterns. WHAT?!? What is a 'Stringer'? Well, its the patterned strips of wood on... Read More

Giving a S*#t about our Skate Industry. We care about our fellow man.

June 10, 2016

  I had a few people comment to me this week that they loved an earlier FB post titled 'We care about our fellow man', but... Read More