Anchor Plank background

36 years of shaping, sanding (and sneezing!) wood...

Every board you see here at Anchor Plank is handcrafted from the start to the end, straight from the heart.

What you've found here is a guy who was hit smack in the face with an awesome dream-to bring back the artisan qualities of hand made stuff, but on another level, and decided to unleash this motivation in the direction of his passion...Cruising and Carving longboard skateboards. 


Since the age of 4 Leigh was always reshaping wood into something fascinating. Until 2013, where those fascinating things became Anchor Plank Skateboards. 


These skateboards are totally unique, totally ridiculous high quality and totally full of massive levels of passion straight from the heart. They're also a total bastard to make-pardon me! We've combined the best parts of surfing and skating to give to you these unique boards.


There is no other ride like it.


Each one is passionately pieced together from the start, right here in Melbourne, Australia. We begin by sourcing the best woods money can buy and incredible exotic woods to decorate the top face of each board. We glue and press each board, make each of the top sheets that have the stringer patterns, and cut and shape by hand. A lot of time, pride, energy and love is put into each board.

These longboard skateboards are 100% eye candy and really pop visually. A bunch of people have said they didn't get how good they looked until they laid eyes on them in the flesh. 


 We love what we do and we want to share it with the world. We're here to make friends and get a board out there that takes on a whole new meaning- visually, in craftsmanship and ride-wise. Theres no better feeling to us than taking a board from start to finish-gluing, shaping, sanding and finishing-and knowing the person getting it is going to be blown away.

We still are every time we finish one.

Heres a few basic questions answered (and if you have any yourself, ask us!):

  • Who are we: Starting with the central character-Leigh-this company was born. Then we evolved into a bunch of mates in Melbourne who were all bored with the common mass produced decks found everywhere. We only have people around who have a genuine, proven love for this product and this industry. These qualities are imperative to imparting this into the very grain of each and every board we make. We want that.

  • Why do you sell these amazing decks? Simply put, we absolutely love skateboards. They're like a magic type of freedom. And we love the look of pure awe when someone gets theirs.

  • Where you are located? Melbourne Australia. Easy access to the Surf Coast capital of planet Earth, from Torquay to Barwon heads and the Great Ocean Road to Lorne and Apollo Bay (and beyond).

  • How long you have been in business? Since 2013 as Anchor Plank, but we're accomplished business owners so are not newbies to the game of what makes real service and stunning products.

  • How long you have been running your online shop? Est. 2013. 

Welcome to the Plank family. Now you know us a little bit more, why not write to us and tell us who you are too. I'd love to hear.


'From a dedicated love affair...'

"When we discovered Longboarding, it was like rediscovering an old best friend. And since the very day we grabbed one, we've been making them too.

These Great Ocean Road surf-coast inspired Cruiser Skateboards are made with the highest level of pride possible. They'll create an awe-inspiring reaction not only within you, but from onlookers everywhere. Each one is hand shaped and finished flawlessly, drawing on inspiration from surf culture and the classic lines of old school Longboard Surfboard designs.

You will not find a more passion-driven set of decks.

You're welcome..."