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Anchor Plank 


Melbourne, Australia.

Lucid memories created at our most loved coastal hideouts...

Unconventional Design, Originality...Art.

'I want you to have something from my universe.

I want you to see some of me,

and I want to see some of you too’-Leigh.

My highly exclusive collection of original hand shaped decks.

Handmade reborn - including signature in-house  exotic timber top-sheets.

Forget all the common, mass produced decks that everyone has. I make these with my own hands.

Ridiculously good looking with extreme attention to detail and will truly blow you away. Nothing but the best. 

Melbourne made, born and bred.  A thing of beauty...

'When you step on and walk your Plank,

the world  shifts...dropping away to become your own.

Yeah man! It’s like going from a daily drive and stepping into a Ferrari! 

D.W. - Proud 'Flame' devotee.


A few of our personal dreams, a few of anothers personal dreams, and maybe soon a few of yours too...

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