Anchor Plank Skateboards at Lorne

Anchor Plank 


Melbourne, Australia.

Ridiculously good looking decks, for ridiculously good looking humans...

Unconventional Design, Originality...Art.

'When you step on and walk your Plank,

the world  shifts...dropping away to become your own.

Our highly exclusive collection of original hand shaped decks.

Handmade reborn - including our signature in-house  exotic timber top-sheets.

Forget those cheap, common, mass produced decks that everyone has, I make these with my own hands.

Ridiculously good looking with extreme attention to detail. Nothing but the best. And who says we shouldn't?!

Melbourne made, born and bred.  A thing of beauty...

'I want you to have something from my universe.

I want you to see some of me,

and I want to see some of you too’-Leigh.

Yeah man! It’s like going from a daily drive and stepping into a Ferrari! 

D.W. - Proud 'Flame' devotee.

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A few of our personal dreams, a few of anothers personal dreams, and maybe soon a few of yours too...

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Get to Know the Anchor Plank  family better...



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