The Anchor Plank evolution-and who we are.⚓️

We've been skating forever. And ever...

The level of dedication, pride, love & time put into every board is surpassed by none. Each detail is inspected by eyeball, not machine, and not let go until we would be happy to ride, carve and cruise it ourselves.

 In fact, occasionally we cant let go. Hence, lead designer and shaper-Leigh Crouch, has grown his personal collection of skateboards to over 35 (and growing)! Now if that's not love, what is??

Leighs background in design began when he was 16 and he took up heavily the visual arts in Graphics and an intense interest in Industrial design. This led to him studying & attaining an Associate Diploma of Arts in the visual fields.

This eye for perfection and aesthetics is what he believes comes to materialisation in his chosen path of passion, longboard  skateboard creation.

Our 2 chief engineers, Geoff & Daniel, are the engine behind Leigh for anything and everything from design flaw prevention, to our 'Artificial Intelligence’ systems-motorised boards.

Then the pure passion for the imaging and bringing-to-life of our concepts is Plinio. The master at graphically representing what we see in our visions.

All of this, including the perfect marriage with Nutless Monkey Super Wheels & Dr. Tongue Ultimate Carve trucks, was what brought Anchor Plank Longboard Skateboards to life in an amazing and beautiful way! 

These 'Portals-to-freedom' are what we live for creating.

Anchor Plank Skateboard

You will escape everything with what these creations breed-they're truly awe-inspiring.
You'll never look back. 
Get on it today.
Don't wait, join us...
These are the times, these are the crimes... 


Leigh & the crew at Anchor Plank.