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Don't buy an Anchor Plank...

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

From a total love affair

Yeah so...I love what I do. Fanatically.

Its my thing, my zone-out, my 'atelier paradis' (paradise in a workshop).

I have an extreme love for creating something from nothing. That 'something' isn't just the skateboard, cruiser or longboard itself. Its the intense love at first sight our growing family feels when they first lay eyes on my latest labor of love. Its the pride they get that they have something made correctly with thorough attention to detail, by hands and from the heart. Its something that has the mark of 'handcrafted' deep within it.

Unique characteristics, those minor 'imperfections' that make it perfect. The feel-to-hand that this is almost from another world-not the industrialist machine that this place seems to have become. 

"There's next to no handmade longboards on this planet. So I thought we'd do something about this and create a strong solid movement of people that are patient, meticulous and full of wonderful emotions.
"A tribe that loves the entire idea of their piece (longboard) being made by a real person, not a machine or a production-line of near slaves." - Leigh

A tribe that want to be in love with longboarding, that can get inspiration from what can be done and from being part of a group with the same purpose and passion for something relatively simple-4 wheels and a Plank.

People that build each other up with good vibes and pushing it all to the edge and beyond...That is what we want to work with. That is what pushes me to make stuff thats as original as I can make it. Stuff that not many others have done. Stuff that Ive never seen except in my imagination.

All for you, for him and for her. Its for us. And anyone that wants to be part of it.

If this isn't your thing, thats cool. Just don't buy an Anchor Plank. Seriously.  

If you like the cookie-cutter 'perfection' of machine mass produced boards, thats actually ok. Im cool with that. Honestly. I'm on no mission to appeal to everyone. I'd rather this be something to someone, than nothing to everyone.

"But, if you've been looking for the real and original thing, a board that, like its ascendants in the surf culture, is (and should be) made by hand then take one of these and ride to freedom.
Its simple really."

Only then can it perform with feel, only then can it just grow better and better. And only then does it become truly part of you, your soul and your life. Ask anyone on an Anchor Plank what they think of it. Don't ask me, you know what I think.   

I know this is something thats wanted, this type of thinking. This type of group. This type of skateboard.

Talk to me any time. Im here. I love when I hear from you. I could tell loads of stories of what my Anchor Plank friends and family have told me and written to me so far, and one day I might.

For now, lets stay real to what we love. And lets create a new reality in this area. Who knows what we can make and what fun there is to be had...

Love to you all my friends...


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