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'Stringers'-WTF? What are they? What has this got to do with SKATEBOARDING???

Anchor Plank Skateboard decks have, as part of their signature aesthetic, stringer patterns. WHAT?!? What is a 'Stringer'? Well, its the patterned strips of wood on the top of the deck.

The main part of the deck is made of plywood, but then we add an extra piece on top made of this stringer pattern. 

Originally we drew inspiration for this idea from the longboard surfboards seen in the early era of surfing.

There is a bit of interesting history to this, so relax and read on below.

The stringer is one of the central areas of surfboard design . It has always been commonplace to see wooden stringers running down the center of a foam blank (pre-finished surfboard).

 The term 'Stringer' actually originally was a length-wise structural piece in a framework, especially that of a boat or aircraft. In aircraft & boat fuselages/hulls, stringers are attached to the main structural 'circular' frame and run the length of (horizontally) the aircraft.

They are there to provide strength and stiffness. Same goes in a boat. Sometimes the floor on a boat has these ridges or strips for added strength. They are the stringers.

On a surfboard, the stringer serves to increase the board's overall strength and reduce its flexibility. Traditionally, all surboards required a stringer (stiffener) to strengthen their core. Some boards have multiple stringers. Without a stringer the core became too flexible and too prone to breakage. Stringers have usually been wood.

Often times, longboard surfboards have multiple stringers for the purpose of adding strength and sometimes they can even be at an angle through the foam core (see below blue board). Extra stringers are sometimes needed because the larger surface area of a longboard can flex and wobble too much. Additional stringers will minimize this effect.

 But on Anchor Plank longboard skateboards (and a lot of other brands too), they exist for good looks. And wow do they look HOT! We hand design the patterns, cut & glue the blocks together by hand then cut them into what we call 'Top-Sheets' or 'Stringer-sheets' (a thin ply thickness sheet) to apply to each deck. The exotic woods are extremely high quality and sourced directly by Leigh and are bloody hard to find sometimes too!

And the above is just one of our decks-beautifully hand made and shaped for the best looking ride around.

Stay in touch for more info and definitely let us know if you'd like us to expand more on this or any subject.

Regards Leigh

Anchor Plank Skateboards Australia

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