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Two definite themes have woven themselves into our daily lives...

I get asked often about my business strategy, business culture and the general skateboard industry ethos, and what we are actively doing to contribute to it or improve it.

Its quite flattering, and sometimes nice to be listened to and looked up at. But in truth, its me who ends up being quiet and doing the listening more than the talking. And Its me who gets to learn from these wonderful people, and its my team that this permeates down to and we all benefit from the bigger group idea.

I pretty much always boil it down to on core idea when I get asked to best summarise our values. Its pretty easy to know which is more survival for all concerned, yet some continue to be negative. Its well worth a lot more conversation, but for the sake of it I thought Id pass it on. 

So here it is, relatively simplified and to the point with no punches pulled:

"Two definite themes (and somewhat shades of grey in between) seem to have woven themselves throughout history not only in this industry, but many industries. With the evolution of the internet and the resulting ease of connection to information, people are more enabled to think and research for themselves on any topic. The only failure is the availability of incorrect information from incorrect sources and then people taking or believing this information without verifying any accuracy. The freedom of the internet brings the ability to publish anything, accurate or inaccurate.
"But so be it.
"Regarding these 'themes' or groups the first is one of misunderstanding or not understanding, avoiding communication, accumulating mistrust and ‘armed' (literal or inferred) conflict involving exclusion and territorialism (amongst other things)."

The second group or 'theme' is primarily comprised of aesthetic traits such as understanding, creating and using communication (to achieve more understanding), building new value and accumulating trust, involvement and positive encouragement to build up each other to rise to far greater potentials never before seen. The results of this mindset are games...BIG games. BIG results. And Bigger and better people.

"Selfishness and fear are at the root of the first.
"Compassion, love, generosity and a commitment to serving others and having fun together while excelling are at the heart of the latter."

Skateboard cruiser longboard skateboard
Nathan 'Jonesy' Jones-Melbourne Demons AFL captain.

When we started and as we have evolved we made the decision to serve a deeper social purpose. We want to unite with like-minds. Everything we do is from the root of this purpose, this purpose exists continually at the core of all our intentions, actions and decisions of what we do. And I mean everything...from the carefully designed and crafted coin logo in all of our decks, to the beautiful tropic palm tree photographs on the website, and to the fine hand finish of every single deck, we care and we imbue our passion for beautifully crafted objects that can make us feel passion and freedom.

Therefore, we live as the second 'theme' or group.

We want everyone in the second mindset to contribute and to win. And we'll back them up in any way we can.

We are the second group. We live to love, we live to give generosity and we live with a commitment to serving others and having fun together. Its actually a much easier existence. And it feels better-almost elating-every second we are like this. Try it. Even just entertaining the thought is freeing.

Which one are you committed to…?"

Have a great week, a monster month and a fantastic year!

Leigh Crouch

Founder, Chief Creator and Dreamer

Anchor Plank Skateboards Australia

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