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We’re real. And we’re making dreams become reality.

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Have you ever felt the excitement of ordering something unique, personal and special online, only to get it and feel deflated cause it’s just not what you thought..? It doesn't have that edge you dreamt of while looking at the polished photographs, or stunning video production. I guess deep down we thought it was a bit too good to be true, but we wanted it anyway. We wanted that unique hand crafted leather credit card pouch that was forged from original Horween leather in the 480 year old micro workshop of an aged artisan in the Alpine mountains of Switzerland.

But then it was different...

Or have you been scammed and nobody was there to help? You bought something you thought would be a straight forward deal, a nice watch for your wife or friend, then it showed up and was a cheap piece of rubbish, not worth even taking out of the bubble wrap much less the cheap plastic sleeve it came in.

I get it. And thats NOT what I want Anchor Plank Skateboards to be.

In this day with online accessibility to practically everything plus more-and its easy, convenient and highly personal-it’s also easier than ever to have your hopes and dreams shattered by those that are dishonest and selfish.

This brings a bad reputation to those that DON'T mean harm. It leaves a bad taste in those of us that wish to keep it simple and just get on with life. Its not hard, and its definitely not too much to ask.

So, I started this idea of creating something I could put my heart into. Something I could finish and give to you and say 'Here, I made this'.

Its a nice object. Yes, its made properly. Its made like ALL skateboards should be made. Its not made from rubbish wood or cheap adhesives. Its not put together with budget parts-crappy looking $5 wheels, pathetic trucks that are a dime a dozen, bad ball bearings that are noisy and rough and decks all cut by mass producing machinery with no heart.

No. We'd like to think we are standing on the shoulders of giants, and by this we mean discovering truth by building on previous discoveries. We want to take skateboards and skateboarding back to its roots in the sub-1950's surf culture beginnings. Back to where it belongs and keep this preservation alive.

I wanted this for myself. So I made it just the way i wanted it-with care, heart & soul, attention to detail and smooth as silk to cruise on. I wanted my own personal 'dream-machine' ride. I wanted it to reflect the true original heritage it came from-the surfing culture. I wanted it to be looked at and admired. AND I wanted it safe enough to put my own kids on. I wanted to know it had a story, a heritage and came from a living breathing human being.

So thats what I did. This is what I have. But it still wasn't complete.

Each deck has a story. They each were borne from an inspiration. Whether its 'Kahana-Moku', inspired by Hawaii's famous swimming and surfing legend, or 'Mobu (the whale)' inspired by the massive ocean dwelling blue whales of the northern Australian Whitsunday Islands that we cruised the islands with this year, or simply inspired by love- 'The Flame' inspired by none other than my gorgeous wife, whom I love to the heavens and who inspires me every minute of every day...

So each deck has a story, has its own 'heritage', its own dream imbued deep within the grain. And as each took shape, with each pass of sandpaper, with each eyeballing down the flowing lines that started to take form, each one formed it own unique personality. THIS is handmade from the heart. This is what a deck should be. And this is a deeper connection toward each person that decides to take one and make it their own.

But then theres the ride...O. M. G.

Its buttery smooth, carving on a cruising beast made perfectly to lock your feet into. Its like sweeping across a clouded sky. The breeze, the freedom, the dream. Its you in your own universe with no worries, no daily grind and no considerations. Just you and your flowing, carving dream. Mobu was made for gliding and dreaming...

Theres so much more I could describe. But take my word or not, it is what it is. Believe your own eyes when you take a look, these decks are second to none. They are innovative, they are original, and they are my art.

You will never regret it.

And you just might start to dream more lucid dreams of this cruising freedom as I do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I take no blame for you becoming addicted, I only share in the pleasure that you've been awoken to dreaming...

So, if you want reality, if you want seriousness and daily grind, don't come here with me. Stay where you are. Stay in your safe place.

But if you want to dream and be free, come. Take a deck and lets go...

I'd love to see you with us.


AP Creator and Chief Dreamer.

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