• Leigh Crouch

What is a kicktail and why do some boards have them and others don't?


The upward curve on one end or both ends of your skate deck is known as a kicktail or 'Kick'. If you plan on doing any tricks on a skateboard you will need a deck with kicktails.

A kicktail makes it possible to ollie, which is the first step to the vast majority of skateboard tricks.

BUT, with longboarding and cruising, the primary purpose kicktails have is quite different and is more so for sharp turns, pivots, slides, and general manoeuvring. It does give a much higher level of comfort and certainty on controlling the board.

Some longboards feature a kicktail, although it is usually mellow-see below for a Loaded longboard kick.

Most riders don't do advanced tricks on their longboards, but kicktails still help during turns, and lifting the front trucks over sidewalk cracks and debris, therefore providing more control and for some riders, extra comfort.

Here at AP we can incorporate a kick or no kick variation based on preference. It is quite a challenge to get a perfectly symmetrical kick on a handmade board, but we reckon we've got it down. Take a look at the shop and see what we got.



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