Avila wheels Anchor Plank Skateboards
  • Avila cruising wheels-MASSIVE roll speed!

    Ever been sailing on a sea of cream? Well me neither😱. But these wheels are what it would feel like.

    Smooth, silky carving. BEAUTIFUL appearance and even better cruise-ability. I picked these as the dominant choice and match for any Anchor Plank based on their superior roll speed and cushioning comfort. These puppies minimise vibration and add up to a ride that will leave you day-dreaming and constantly craving for it. 

    The original big, wide wheel (introduced in 2002), weighing in at a massive 240gms EACH, the Avilas bring new meaning to the term 'roll speed'.

    Named after a favored training ground for Central Coast USA racers, and the site of the 2002 World Slalom Championships, the Avilas original heritage is domination on long courses.

    We've now added them for all-purpose longboarding and cruising. They are among the world’s best wheels for racing disciplines including Down Hill, Luge and beyond. And now for Anchor Planking⚓️.

    75mm tall x 65mm wide.

    Offset bearing seat with dual lip design-great pop and cushioning when carving.

    Weighing in at a massive 240gm EACH, this beneficial weight adds smoothness to the cruise.

    Sold in sets of FOUR wheels.

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