BRAND NEW! Cosmic Peril - Mini
  • BRAND NEW! Cosmic Peril - Mini

    Well alright then. This is one Ive pondered on for a while and finally, from within the Black Hole of my workshop, the COSMIC PERIL emerges! Comes in two sizes - 46inch full length Big Daddy and the Mini version at 39 inches. Both are freaking stunning, so in love with the way these came out.


    39 inch length - 100% Hand shaped. Stunning finish. A ride to pride.


    Wenge on the left, Custome purple and blonde rock maple stringer pattern down the guts and Zebrano on the right. 


    Custom handmade Whisker biscuit truck risers included.


    3DM 'Cambria' wheels (this may change) 62mm x 45mm. Perfect size match for a mini.


    Bones Super Reds bearings.


    Dr Tongue Ultimate Carve Trucks. 


    These trucks are grouse looking-slick and mean and purpose designed for Cruising and Carving. They're smooth and silky on the carve, and perfectly controlled on the cut back. You've never experienced anything like these before, because there is nothing like them.

    NOTE: some wheel colour may vary compared to pictures. 


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