Kahana-Moku 🌺
  • Kahana-Moku 🌺

    What. A. Deck. This thing is pure, ancient class. Borne straight from the ashes of the Phoenix, this beast draws its heritage inspiration from the classic days of the forever legend, Duke Kahanamoku, the legendary Swim & Surf God from Hawaii. Hand shaped from Walnut, Purple Heart and silver ash. Need we say more. What a combination. Couple that with a charcoal belly, kettle-black Dr Tongue ultimate carve trucks and smoked out charcoal wheels and you have a stealth mode sidewalk surfing carving phenomenon. Its just a beauty. 

    46 inches length 100% Hand shaped. Stunning finish. A ride to pride.

    3DM (Seismic) Avila wheels 65mmx75mm.

    Bones Super Reds bearings.

    Dr Tongue Ultimate Carve Trucks.  These things are awesome looking-slick and mean and are a  purpose designed truck for Cruising and Carving. They're smooth and silky on the carve, but aggressive on the cut back. You've never experienced anything like these before, because there is nothing like them. NOTE: some wheel colour and truck colours may vary compared to pictures. Plus underbelly may also be a natural blonde on occasion (just as happens occasionally in real life!).


    As a further payment of respect, check this out: As quoted..."Kahanamoku, nicknamed "The Duke" and "The Big Kahuna," is considered to be the father of modern surfing. The Hawaiian won five Olympic medals as a swimmer, but he also showed off in the movie industry, politics, and business life."In 1925, Duke saved the lives of eight men, when 40-foot yacht "Thelma" was hit by a giant swell, at Corona del Mar. The waterman made three trips to and from the beach to rescue a group of fishermen.Duke Kahanamoku was the first person to be inducted into both the Surfing Hall of Fame and the Swimming Hall of Fame."In 1959, when Hawaii becomes the 50th US State, Kahanamoku is officially named State of Hawaii Ambassador of Aloha. In the following years, he survived a brain surgery, and even danced the hula with England's Queen Mother, Elizabeth.He lived 77 years and passed away on the 22nd January, 1968. Duke embodies the spirit of Aloha (in Hawai'i, it is common to use the word Aloha. It is used in greetings and farewells and in expressing love. But the word means even more, it is a way of life)."His ashes were thrown into the Waikiki surf, and a bronze statue was erected in his memory at Kuhio Beach, in Honolulu.The Duke Kahanamoku statue welcomes everyone with open arms, and it is one of the most popular attractions in Hawaii". Enjoy this Plank my friends and pay respect to a magical pioneer-'The Duke'-that we were all blessed to have been graced by.  Aloha-the AP team.

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