Whoa, this thing is B.I.G. AF. Like 'Biggies' flashy ways, this thing has command over ANY sidewalk surfing. Yeah, you will have to see it to believe it. Theres not many around like it. You will be in AWE when youre cruising. And so will all spectators who you smoothly carve past.

A MAMMOTH 55inch length (check the Black & White pic for a comparison to a standard street deck). B.E.A.S.T.

Birch ply core, Walnut and Maple classic stinger pattern with 2 subtle blue highlight fillets. Walnut underbelly. Slick.

ABSOLUTE sickness on the sidewalk!


MAMOTH 55 inch length.


100% Hand shaped. Stunning finish. A ride to pride.


3DM (Seismic) Avila wheels 65mmx75mm.


Bones Super Reds bearings (Seismic Tektons also available).


Dr Tongue Ultimate Carve Trucks. 


These things are ballsy looking-slick and mean and are a  purpose designed truck for Cruising and Carving. These things are smooth and silky on the carve, but aggressive on the cut back. You've never experienced anything like these before, because there is nothing like them.

NOTE: some wheel colour and truck colours may vary compared to pictures. Plus underbelly may also be a natural blonde on occasion (just as happens occasionally in real life!).

Mobu (The Whale) 🐋

$885.00 Regular Price
$725.00Sale Price
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