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  • Nautilus πŸ¦‘


    Wow. Think...Flagship model, supreme cruising machine, creamiest of carving beauties.


    Behold...The Nautilus 🐚.


    This deck is dark and mysterious...curious and compelling...and on a deep mission to cruise everywhere he goes with dominance and pasion, commanding the attention of both the rider and the wave of people parting the way as you carve through them like a surfer gliding on the glass rip at Bells.

    Nautilus is on a mission to carve up any sidewalk-surfing better than any mass machine made ugly stick out there. And he does. Just look at him. 


    This classy-ass deck comprises a beautiful Birch core exploiting industry expected build standards and remaining indestructible while putting out the smoothest of cruise-a-bility. Nice stiffness for that responsive tight carve on demand. 


    Deep Wenge wooden 'gills' on the outer edges and through the middle with Canadian Rock Maple stringers up the centre. All highlighted with blue fillets between the stringers. Super awesome and finished like nothing else. Streamlined hand creativity at its best. You won't understand until seen in the flesh.

    Stunning lines, smooth profile with beautiful flowing lines. Rides like a dream. You're welcome.


    100% Hand shaped. Stunning finish. A ride to boast.

    47 inch length, 37 inch Wheel Base.

    3DM (Seismic) Avila wheels 65mmx75mm.

    Bones Super Reds bearings (Seismic Tektons also available).

    Dr Tongue Ultimate Carve Trucks. These things are ballsy looking-slick and mean and are a  purpose designed truck for Cruising and Carving. These things are smooth and silky on the carve, but aggressive on the cut back. You've never experienced anything like these before, because there is nothing like them.


    $253 Value set of wheels, trucks and bearings for only $145 extra if bought as a complete.

    *NOTE: some wheel colour and truck colours may vary compared to pictures.