Nutless Monkey Skate Wheels Anchor Plank Skateboards
  • Nutless Monkey Super Skate Wheels

    The ultimate match for your Anchor Plank deck. Made to go perfectly with any Plank and a set of Dr Tongue Ultimate Carve trucks. These were designed specifically for carving with a tapered outer edge for that pop off the 'lip' when carving and a slightly offset hub for more control on the hard carve. Wicked grip for pushing it to its limit with a nice 65mm width. 75mm diameter and made with a nice weight for that supreme 'roll speed' that goes on and on. Seriously comfortable. Seriously retro big and seriously match made for a Plank.

    65mmx75mm 78a urethane.

    (*Note: some colors may not be available at given times).

    $80.00 Regular Price
    $65.00Sale Price
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