#Spaz Stix



We didn't make 'em, bought 'em off a brother. He said 'Badge 'em, rack 'em, stack 'em and SELL EM!! YeeeeeeeHAAAARRR!!!' 🐲☠️🐉

So, we gave them a rub down, finished them off all very nicely and fitted them up with the best. 

Great concave with a slight camber (raised length-wise-see our blog for an explanation) that makes your feet just lock in beautifully.

These little beasts have a tight turning circle and can actually be self propelled (if you're good enough at carving...😜🤘🏻). They're a lot more responsive than their longer wheel based brothers, but pack a mean punch when ridden aggressively.

33 inches, length-wise. Bit of a nice camber (raised in the middle) with a sweet little concave too. Nasty hard shape to make actually.

Wheel Base 23 inches. SNAPPY on the turn (WILL kick you off if you provoke it!).

WHEELS MAY VARY DEPENDING ON WHAT IVE GOT LEFT - 3DM (Seismic) Avila wheels 65mmx75mm (or a smaller option such as Orangatang 'Fat Free' 65mm x 37mm 83a, Seismic Cambrias amongst a few options).

Dr Tongue Ultimate Carve Trucks for the best in purpose built Cruising and Carving. These things are smooth and buttery on the carve, but aggressive on the cut back. 

Bones Super Reds bearings.

No two patterns are the same, all a little bit different. Just like my mate really...amen (see him Ibn the pictures😝).

*NOTE: some wheel colour and truck colours may vary compared to pictures.

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