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  • Anchor Plank Skateboards | Skateboards

    AnchorPlank Skateboards . Melbourne, Australia Original handcrafted Skate Decks. Straight from my woodshop. BUY NOW Unconventional Design... Like nothing you've seen before. Original hand shaped decks. Made in Melbourne, Australia. Quick View BRAND NEW! Cosmic Peril - Mini Price $625.00 Add to Cart Quick View BRAND NEW! Bottle - Mini Price $625.00 Add to Cart Quick View The Flame 🔥 Price $725.00 Add to Cart FRESH ARRIVAL!! Quick View Nutless Monkey Super Skate Wheels Price $80.00 Add to Cart Quick View BRAND NEW! Cosmic Peril - Mini Price $625.00 Add to Cart Quick View BRAND NEW! Bottle - Mini Price $625.00 Add to Cart Quick View The Flame 🔥 Price $725.00 Add to Cart FRESH ARRIVAL!! Quick View Nutless Monkey Super Skate Wheels Price $80.00 Add to Cart BUY NOW Handmade reborn - including signature in-house exotic timber top-sheets. Forget the common, mass produced decks that everyone has. I make these with my own hands. Ridiculously good looking with extreme attention to detail. They will truly blow you away. Melbourne made, born and bred. A thing of beauty... 'When you step on and walk your Plank, the world shifts...dropping away to become your own. Yeah man! It’s like going from a daily drive and stepping into a Ferrari! D.W. - Proud 'Flame' devotee. BUY NOW Read Our Blog Why did we all let mass produced, ugly, low or no quality decks come to the scene...? Instagram A few of our personal dreams, a few of anothers personal dreams, and maybe soon a few of yours too...

  • Contact | Anchor Plank skateboards | Melbourne Australia

    Contact Us You're Welcome to talk to us Have a Question? We're Here to Help Email us at or send us a message via the contact form below and we'll get back to you Send Success! Message received.

  • About | Anchor Plank skateboards

    Anchor Plank background 36 years of shaping, sanding (and sneezing!) wood... Every board you see here at Anchor Plank is handcrafted from the start to the end, straight from the heart. What you've found here is a guy who was hit smack in the face with an awesome dream-to bring back the artisan qualities of hand made stuff, but on another level, and decided to unleash this motivation in the direction of his passion...Cruising and Carving longboard skateboards. Since the age of 4 Leigh was always reshaping wood into something fascinating. Until 2013, where those fascinating things became Anchor Plank Skateboards. These skateboards are totally unique, totally ridiculous high quality and totally full of massive levels of passion straight from the heart. They're also a total bastard to make-pardon me! We've combined the best parts of surfing and skating to give to you these unique boards. There is no other ride like it. Each one is passionately pieced together from the start, right here in Melbourne, Australia. We begin by sourcing the best woods money can buy and incredible exotic woods to decorate the top face of each board. We glue and press each board, make each of the top sheets that have the stringer patterns, and cut and shape by hand. A lot of time, pride, energy and love is put into each board. These longboard skateboards are 100% eye candy and really pop visually. A bunch of people have said they didn't get how good they looked until they laid eyes on them in the flesh. We love what we do and we want to share it with the world. We're here to make friends and get a board out there that takes on a whole new meaning- visually, in craftsmanship and ride-wise. Theres no better feeling to us than taking a board from start to finish-gluing, shaping, sanding and finishing-and knowing the person getting it is going to be blown away. We still are every time we finish one. ​ Heres a few basic questions answered (and if you have any yourself, ask us!): ​ Who are we: Starting with the central character-Leigh-this company was born. Then we evolved into a bunch of mates in Melbourne who were all bored with the common mass produced decks found everywhere. We only have people around who have a genuine, proven love for this product and this industry. These qualities are imperative to imparting this into the very grain of each and every board we make. We want that. ​ Why do you sell these amazing decks? Simply put, we absolutely love skateboards. They're like a magic type of freedom. And we love the look of pure awe when someone gets theirs. ​ Where you are located? Melbourne Australia. Easy access to the Surf Coast capital of planet Earth, from Torquay to Barwon heads and the Great Ocean Road to Lorne and Apollo Bay (and beyond). ​ How long you have been in business? Since 2013 as Anchor Plank, but we're accomplished business owners so are not newbies to the game of what makes real service and stunning products. ​ How long you have been running your online shop? Est. 2013. ​ Contact information: ​ Welcome to the Plank family. Now you know us a little bit more, why not write to us and tell us who you are too. I'd love to hear. ​ -Leigh. 'From a dedicated love affair...' "When we discovered Longboarding, it was like rediscovering an old best friend. And since the very day we grabbed one, we've been making them too. These Great Ocean Road surf-coast inspired Cruiser Skateboards are made with the highest level of pride possible. They'll create an awe-inspiring reaction not only within you, but from onlookers everywhere. Each one is hand shaped and finished flawlessly, drawing on inspiration from surf culture and the classic lines of old school Longboard Surfboard designs. You will not find a more passion-driven set of decks. You're welcome..." ​ -Leigh

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  • We’re real. And we’re making dreams become reality.

    Have you ever felt the excitement of ordering something unique, personal and special online, only to get it and feel deflated cause it’s just not what you thought..? It doesn't have that edge you dreamt of while looking at the polished photographs, or stunning video production. I guess deep down we thought it was a bit too good to be true, but we wanted it anyway. We wanted that unique hand crafted leather credit card pouch that was forged from original Horween leather in the 480 year old micro workshop of an aged artisan in the Alpine mountains of Switzerland. But then it was different... Or have you been scammed and nobody was there to help? You bought something you thought would be a straight forward deal, a nice watch for your wife or friend, then it showed up and was a cheap piece of rubbish, not worth even taking out of the bubble wrap much less the cheap plastic sleeve it came in. I get it. And thats NOT what I want Anchor Plank Skateboards to be. In this day with online accessibility to practically everything plus more-and its easy, convenient and highly personal-it’s also easier than ever to have your hopes and dreams shattered by those that are dishonest and selfish. This brings a bad reputation to those that DON'T mean harm. It leaves a bad taste in those of us that wish to keep it simple and just get on with life. Its not hard, and its definitely not too much to ask. So, I started this idea of creating something I could put my heart into. Something I could finish and give to you and say 'Here, I made this'. Its a nice object. Yes, its made properly. Its made like ALL skateboards should be made. Its not made from rubbish wood or cheap adhesives. Its not put together with budget parts-crappy looking $5 wheels, pathetic trucks that are a dime a dozen, bad ball bearings that are noisy and rough and decks all cut by mass producing machinery with no heart. No. We'd like to think we are standing on the shoulders of giants, and by this we mean discovering truth by building on previous discoveries. We want to take skateboards and skateboarding back to its roots in the sub-1950's surf culture beginnings. Back to where it belongs and keep this preservation alive. I wanted this for myself. So I made it just the way i wanted it-with care, heart & soul, attention to detail and smooth as silk to cruise on. I wanted my own personal 'dream-machine' ride. I wanted it to reflect the true original heritage it came from-the surfing culture. I wanted it to be looked at and admired. AND I wanted it safe enough to put my own kids on. I wanted to know it had a story, a heritage and came from a living breathing human being. So thats what I did. This is what I have. But it still wasn't complete. Each deck has a story. They each were borne from an inspiration. Whether its 'Kahana-Moku', inspired by Hawaii's famous swimming and surfing legend, or 'Mobu (the whale)' inspired by the massive ocean dwelling blue whales of the northern Australian Whitsunday Islands that we cruised the islands with this year, or simply inspired by love- 'The Flame' inspired by none other than my gorgeous wife, whom I love to the heavens and who inspires me every minute of every day... So each deck has a story, has its own 'heritage', its own dream imbued deep within the grain. And as each took shape, with each pass of sandpaper, with each eyeballing down the flowing lines that started to take form, each one formed it own unique personality. THIS is handmade from the heart. This is what a deck should be. And this is a deeper connection toward each person that decides to take one and make it their own. But then theres the ride...O. M. G. Its buttery smooth, carving on a cruising beast made perfectly to lock your feet into. Its like sweeping across a clouded sky. The breeze, the freedom, the dream. Its you in your own universe with no worries, no daily grind and no considerations. Just you and your flowing, carving dream. Mobu was made for gliding and dreaming... Theres so much more I could describe. But take my word or not, it is what it is. Believe your own eyes when you take a look, these decks are second to none. They are innovative, they are original, and they are my art. You will never regret it. And you just might start to dream more lucid dreams of this cruising freedom as I do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I take no blame for you becoming addicted, I only share in the pleasure that you've been awoken to dreaming... So, if you want reality, if you want seriousness and daily grind, don't come here with me. Stay where you are. Stay in your safe place. But if you want to dream and be free, come. Take a deck and lets go... I'd love to see you with us. Leigh AP Creator and Chief Dreamer.

  • Two definite themes have woven themselves into our daily lives...

    I get asked often about my business strategy, business culture and the general skateboard industry ethos, and what we are actively doing to contribute to it or improve it. Its quite flattering, and sometimes nice to be listened to and looked up at. But in truth, its me who ends up being quiet and doing the listening more than the talking. And Its me who gets to learn from these wonderful people, and its my team that this permeates down to and we all benefit from the bigger group idea. I pretty much always boil it down to on core idea when I get asked to best summarise our values. Its pretty easy to know which is more survival for all concerned, yet some continue to be negative. Its well worth a lot more conversation, but for the sake of it I thought Id pass it on. So here it is, relatively simplified and to the point with no punches pulled: "Two definite themes (and somewhat shades of grey in between) seem to have woven themselves throughout history not only in this industry, but many industries. With the evolution of the internet and the resulting ease of connection to information, people are more enabled to think and research for themselves on any topic. The only failure is the availability of incorrect information from incorrect sources and then people taking or believing this information without verifying any accuracy. The freedom of the internet brings the ability to publish anything, accurate or inaccurate. "But so be it. "Regarding these 'themes' or groups the first is one of misunderstanding or not understanding, avoiding communication, accumulating mistrust and ‘armed' (literal or inferred) conflict involving exclusion and territorialism (amongst other things)." The second group or 'theme' is primarily comprised of aesthetic traits such as understanding, creating and using communication (to achieve more understanding), building new value and accumulating trust, involvement and positive encouragement to build up each other to rise to far greater potentials never before seen. The results of this mindset are games...BIG games. BIG results. And Bigger and better people. "Selfishness and fear are at the root of the first. "Compassion, love, generosity and a commitment to serving others and having fun together while excelling are at the heart of the latter." When we started and as we have evolved we made the decision to serve a deeper social purpose. We want to unite with like-minds. Everything we do is from the root of this purpose, this purpose exists continually at the core of all our intentions, actions and decisions of what we do. And I mean everything...from the carefully designed and crafted coin logo in all of our decks, to the beautiful tropic palm tree photographs on the website, and to the fine hand finish of every single deck, we care and we imbue our passion for beautifully crafted objects that can make us feel passion and freedom. Therefore, we live as the second 'theme' or group. We want everyone in the second mindset to contribute and to win. And we'll back them up in any way we can. We are the second group. We live to love, we live to give generosity and we live with a commitment to serving others and having fun together. Its actually a much easier existence. And it feels better-almost elating-every second we are like this. Try it. Even just entertaining the thought is freeing. Which one are you committed to…?" Have a great week, a monster month and a fantastic year! Leigh Crouch Founder, Chief Creator and Dreamer Anchor Plank Skateboards Australia

  • EVIDENCE!!! Does Anchor Plank make their own stuff...? Construction pix.

    I keep getting asked-'Do you actually make those decks? I mean...all of it??'. Well,! I start with raw materials-loose leaf canadian rock maple for the core of the deck. This is the industry standard for the best quality deck possible. It gives strength with flex, (flex depends somewhat on how many layers you make it). Ours are typically 7ply-9ply. Sometimes 5ply, sometimes 11ply, depending on either the riders preference or for structural needs. Boards above 46 inches, like a 55-60 inch will be more likely to be 11 ply. I also source the highest grade exotic woods for the the top sheet stringer patterns. These woods are often Zebrano, Purple Heart, Wenge, Birds Eye Maple or Mahogany and are very rich and unique in appearance. Every piece I get in has something different to it. These patterns (not the wood types) are inspired by and drawn from surf boards, tying in and linking skating to surfing-its original source and conception. Then the final touches are the dyed Canadian Rock Maple veneer. Now this stuff is hard to get. SERIOUSLY. But in my opinion is what really makes these decks different, more desirable and really 'pop' to the eye. Whether it be the underbelly of the deck itself, or some thin highlights in the stringer patterns, these colors are intense and beautiful. See the below examples-deep ocean blue or fiery red. So, the stringer sheets come from a block I make then sheer off individual sheets (I don't like solid wood decks personally, in my opinion they are stiff and don't offer the superior ride and quality that top grade plywood does). That being said, each to his own really. If you like solid, i say take it! Its beautiful, but just a different ride. This then gets pressed along with the raw ply sheets into what we call a 'blank'-an unshaped deck. Its then cut and shaped typically on a sanding machine to final profile. Finishing then involves routing all edges, filing and hand sanding then finish sanding and varnishing. Final stages are drilling for the truck mounting and the Anchor Plank logo coin-something unique to us that we haven't seen on any other decks. Typically we fit the deck up wth Dr Tongue ultimate carve trucks and Nutless Monkey Super Wheels as these were purpose made by Anchor Plank to produce the perfect match-set for the smoothest easiest cruising deck around. No need to retrofit your favourite trucks or anything. Most mass produced decks have inferior trucks, wheels and ball bearings, thereby compromising the final overall quality and feel of the ride. Weird I know, but that's generally the fact. This then gives people the perception that this is just how it is. NOT TRUE! Finally, we use high quality black hardware (nuts and bolts), high quality hard wearing floor varnish and popular ball bearings such as Bones Super Reds or Seismic Tektons (amongst others). Seismic Tektons were used by Mischo Erban, the guy who holds the world speed record on a longboard. He clocked just over 130km/h. NOT that you'll be doing this, but it just shows you the quality potential of these little engineered delights! They are, after all rather important to the safety and quality of your ride! Plus cheap bearings ruin the total feel of the ride. MAJOR waste of time and money. Basically, like anything, your ride is only as good as its weakest/cheapest part. So, there you go. A basic rundown of what we do so you can see for yourself that its all made by us in Melbourne Australia. Check out this video for a short preview of a couple of boards in production. As always, please send me any feedback, info or improvement input. Its all welcome. We just wanna provide solid info on a good gradient to help anyone access a good understanding of this fascinating subject and industry. Thereby promoting more action overall! Cheers Guys-Leigh Anchor Plank Skateboards Australia _____

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